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Diane Derrick

Beyond our Earth

There is so much more in our own Solar neighbourhood to explore.

....and so into outer space

Organic Consciousness OPB Mission 

If you have had experience or are drawn to Extraterrestrials, ETs, who often preferred to be called Off Planet Beings (OPBs) then this is the group for you. What is Organic Consciousness OPB Mission? 

There are many groups now formulating, which is the one for you?

We, here at Organic Consciousness OPB Mission have a different criteria to prepare you for your stepping out as a valued member as a fully awakened soul. 

Our mission and joining with these soul beings preparation begins through opening up your communications through these Embolic Subconscious symbols, of which I have courses prepared with the OPBs for you to prepare ready to meet them.

I have had a liftetime ET connection.

I have built up a lifetime connection with many extraterrestrial beings. However my work is also connected with what some have loosely referred to as Earth Guardians beings. 

Earth Guardians are consciousness in form that have not taken physical form and are a critical part of Earth's own consciousness since her beginning.