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Diane Derrick

Beyond our Earth

There is so much more in our own Solar neighbourhood to explore.

....and so into outer space

Indoor Allotment Club

Just for fun!

Welcome to the Indoor Allotment Club, here you will be looking at high vibrational food that will align you with your new lighter frequency bodies that you are entering.

Indoor Organic Seed Sprouting

Here I shall begin by concentrating on the sprouting of seeds. This can be done easily within the kitchen providing a harvest all year round within 7 days of growing.

Over the last decade I have experimented with many types of sprouting, mostly ending disastrously. However I was determined to not give up. Finally in November of 2020 I found a system that suited me both summer and winter with constant results. 

Our Future Light Bodies Will Require a Different Diet

With the guidance of spirit for those of you are on a path of awakening, as we change the vibration levels within our body, it has been brought home to me that we need to fuel it with lighter foods. I am not only talking about vegan and organic, but with our soil being depleted in rich minerals the best source of these and vitamins is through the sprouting of organic seeds.

There is a whole range of sprouting seeds for you to choose from, and then if you do your research, to combine these seeds accordingly, you will find that they each variety have their own range of minerals and vitamins. What does your body need to flourish? Then grow accordingly.

Minerals and Vitamins

We will share with you as we progress, what sprouting seeds hold in terms of minerals and vitamins which is vital for a healthy growth.

Water quality is vitally important in sprouting too.

Experimenting With Sprouting

Having grown our sprouting, the next phase is how do we consume them?

I have been for many months adding them as 'haystacks' to my plate. 

Now I am being given the incentive from spirit to turn them into smoothies as a main diet, twice daily. So I am going to be extending my growing. Not just one variety each meal but a mix and match of a number of varieties.

With this it appears that I will no longer need supermarkets to provide my daily nourishment. Perhaps supermarkets are not making it into new Earth?