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Posted on 22 May, 2019 at 11:35

Fantasy Illustrator

Hello and welcome to my blog . . .

A little bit about illustrating in the 1960's – 1980's era.

Fantasy illustrations are often played out by an illustrator, and with the explosion of LP record sleeves being in demand for the music industry; along with posters often to be found covering students walls, Illustrators found a whole new way to express themselves over and beyond the traditional fine art that had held popularity for many centuries.

With the explosion of the 'Baby Boomers' and the passing of the grim times of world war II, people wanted to feel 'alive' again and to express themselves through creativity with new forms of art, music and dance and writings.

As time wore on, and computers began to gain in popularity, the need for illustrating of the late 60's, 70's and 80's fell away as online illustrating took over.

Collectors of Illustrations:

These redundant pieces of illustration, often highly executed work, began to appear in collectors books and the original illustration began to be sort after fetching often well into the six figure prices.

What was often to be found in the illustrators studios is now being slowly released.

Diane's own journey in illustrating -

Starting at a very young age, Diane's mind was overflowing with expressions of art wanting to burst into life and overflow into illustrators. She began at junior school and was encouraged to do so. She put her heart and soul into each creation, however her mind was always to express the Fantasy Worlds that enthralled her from an extremely young age. Diane began by creating this fantasy world within, for out of which would eventually lead her towards writing her Hilldot and The Dream Time Games, book series (not yet in print). A mammoth undertaking to build Hidden Lands, Hidden Worlds, histories, star travel and time travel locations, then otherly Universes. Races of beings including embracing elementals and dragons, and all manner of beasts lurking in the darker corners of the world. Her art was always a way of these colourful images rampant within her mind.

As the years rolled by, she headed into Art and Design College, and here she was taught the applications of gouache and drawing inks, a skill she still embraces today as Diane connected into her world with unceasing passion.

Down throughout the decades -

Many illustrations she kept for her own use in order for her to understand her Fantasy world. Each of her pieces represented a phase in her growth, from the natural world gradually transforming into full fantasy worlds.

This can be followed by her three pieces available as prints in her in her web-store. Reflecting back, these began with her love of nature, out of which springs the foundations of her Fantasy, and so The Squirrel, the first of these three to be completed back in the early 1980's. This then unfolded into her second illustration titled The Treetop Restaurant, a whimsical piece created with a touch of humour, but was a complete illustration with no further story line other than what the viewer can see.

Now we jump forward to 2018. A direct reflection on how she had experienced many darker years within her life. Diane's third and final piece today is that of her illustration Hidden In Plain Sight. The piece of work, embraces a transitional world as new portals begin to open up for humanity, signified by her chief character from her triple trilogy books series, The Dream Time Games. To be found within these borders are a journey from darkness into light. It encompasses Time-travel, and how old structures are being broken down.

At the bottom of the mountain, contains, what the illustrator thought were pebbles, but on closer inspection were skulls Forty-two! . . . not built on the shoulders of the sacrifices of others, but her own, spanning back over many lifetimes to the present now moment.

Lastly -

Although Diane has no doubt that these three framed original illustrations will each be of value within the six figure, as this has already been voiced to her. She is following the advice from speaking to fantasy illustrators who reflect her own pieces from a similar training.

For a short period only, Diane is making them available for open offers within five figures only for discerning collectors, to allow her books to be published, in her seeking to bringing her dreams to fulfilment.

Do note however :

After this short window of time, Diane's originals will then be only available thereafter at a six figure price.

I will close this blog for today

With one more statement, and that is in order for me to bring my own creativity into being, I practice at all times, mindfulness, meditation, and total surrendering and service. All my creativity stems from my heart centre, for I have found this will bring the purest passion with creativity without exception.

A call to action -

If you are a collector and would like to invest in this once in a lifetime opportunity, please do contact Diane with your offer. All pieces can be viewed in print format on her website Web Store All sold originals will come newly framed by a registered quality framer and will have a signed document of ownership by the illustrator as illustrations are not signed as in fine arts.

Do sign up to receive your newsletter, all that is required is a name and a valid email address.

Until we meet again from cross the airwaves, may your heart star shine brightly.

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