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Meditation - 3

Posted on 24 April, 2019 at 11:30

Meditation – 3:

Today is a great day for meditating:

All days are good for meditation, and you will find your way to this meditation when your soul, your Inner Child needs time out to speak to you, so it is not date specific.

As we become familiar with this meditating journey, it is good to use this moment to be still within, for today we will cover this familiar journey to the sea however, we shall journey a little further.

I trust you are enjoying your own journey in life and finding those hidden gems within you.

So let us begin:

Sit or lie comfortably

Limbs uncrossed and begin by 'leaving your shoes at the front door', symbolic of leaving your outer world concerns behind. You can pick those up on leaving.


Entering your mind within, start by very slowly taking three deep breaths. See how deep you can breath . . . then slowly exhale, releasing all tension within.

Now Let Us Use Our Imagination:

Now let us use our imagination – or not - if you enjoy being in the tranquility of just being. The choice is yours.

Let your mind wander on your own path or my descriptive journey.

You have pulled up at the roadside in your vehicle, and on opening the door, step out, then lock it. Cover your vehicle in a layer of protective invisibility. It will still be safe on your return.

With your back to your vehicle, you will see a small gate, open it and step through.

The sun is full on your face, feeling warm but not overly hot. As you look around, you will find yourself in green pastures, infused with wild flowers of every kind, every hue.

As you walk down over the green pasture, feel the grasses gently caressing your fingertips. Breath in the fresh clean air. The sky is clear blue.

As you walk further on down to the far side of this meadow, insects and bees are in abundance. The bees are collecting the pollen to make into honey for you to enjoy. Sing gently to them for their endeavours as you walk on by.

A Second Small Gate:

As you come to the far side of these pastures, you will see another small gate. You can either decide to remain in this very enchanted meadow; or you can choose to step through this gate also. We shall return back this way for those of you who decide to stay.

For those of you who have decided to step through, you will find you are standing on the edge of a sandy beach.

Take off your shoes and socks, you can leave them there at the gate, they are quite safe. Begin by wriggling your toes in the fine grains of warm sand, let the sand trickle through your fingers.

When you are ready, walk on down, you can smell the salty sea air, and hear the waves as they gently creep up the sandy beach only to fall back into the sea again.

Go and stand on the edge of where the wet sand begins and watch the ebb and flow of this tidal water washing gently over your feet, then falling away, each time washing away any troubles of your life.

It is Fun To walk Along The Tidal Line:

It is fun to walk along the tidal line, where the sea creeps up across the sand. Let us turn to the left and as we walk, the sea water will gently wash over our feet and return outwards. The sea advances and recedes, the ebbing and flowing becomes as a rhythm, soothing and calming as the sounds of the seagulls call out to each other, out to you.

As we progress leisurely along the waters edge, to our right, back up on the dry sands is a cliff face. Turn away from the water and amble up to explore this cliff face. Here you will see an opening into a cave.

The Nearby Cave:

Let us explore, it is safe, it is cool inside, after the heat of the day.

As your eyes become accustomed to the darker light, you will be amazed at this crystal cavern. The entire rock face is full of sparkling clear quartz crystals, fully energised. The ceiling too.

Sit on a bench in the centre of this cavern and enjoy seeing each crystal, growing naturally around you. Feel energised. Let your Inner Child come and sit beside you, both enjoying the tranquil place. . . then listen . . . what does your Inner Child say?. . . What does your Inner Child wish to share? . . . listen . . . listen . . . listen.

It Is Time To Go:

It is time to go, so turn away from the crystal cavern and head out of the cave and back down to the water's edge. It is still there as you glide through the waters.

The seagulls come to greet you again like an old lost friend.

When you have reached back along the beach to where you had arrived, head back up the beach to the little gate.

Dust of the grains of sand from between your toes and souls of your feet, and put your socks and then your shoes back on.

Open the gate and step through. As we walk back up through the meadow, we are joined by those of you who have chosen to stay in this enchanted meadow.

The bees are still hard at work collecting the pollen.

On reaching the first gate that you stepped through, you are now back out onto the roadside and your vehicle is there for you exactly as you left it . . . drive carefully.

The Conclusion:

In your moments of returning do remember what it is your Inner Child has revealed with you, for you many find gems of hidden wisdom that you have discovered, you can use on your journey of life.


It is always good to take time out of the rat-race of life, for if you don't make time to sit with your Inner Child, you may miss out entirely on your buried treasure, your hidden gems.

Just a final note for today:

It is good to surrender to your inner truth when the world becomes too much, for only then can Light pour in. What gems have your Inner Child shared with you today?

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Until we meet again across the airwaves, may your heart star shine brightly.

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