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Diane Derrick



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Film: Star Wars - A Big Dream-A Big Vision!

Posted on 21 April, 2019 at 11:20 Comments comments (2735)

Film: Star Wars – A Big Dream – A Big Vision!

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

The official trailer has just been released.

The ninth and 'final' Star Wars film is on track to be released for Christmas of this year 2019.

I have watched the very first original Stars Wars film at the moment of it's release in 1977. Although it is number IV in the overall order of this mammoth Vision, this was the first release of George Lucas into film. Titled 'A New Hope', came with all the awe of a newly unfolding epic. Followed by V, 'The Empire Strikes Back' and the VI, “Return Of The Jedi', I became as many enthusiastic followers enraptured, even playing my Star Wars music album often to capture the delights of this unfolding epic drama. Now I will watched the last. However, I did pull away from the missing trilogy. A must address for me personally as 'life got in the way'.

My Missing Middle Trilogy:

I, II and III are the three Prequels. Starting with 'The Phantom Menace' then 'Attack Of The Clones' and the third of this prequel series is 'Revenge Of The Sith'.

The Third Of These Trilogies:

The last of these trilogies are Episode VII – 'The Force Awakens' released on 18th December 2015. Episode VIII – 'The Last Jedi', released on 15th December 2017 and finally Episode IX – 'The Rise Of Skywalker' yet to be released on 20th December 2019.

In Addition, Anthology Films Released:

In the 'in between' years of the releasing of each of the third trilogy, two anthology films were released also.

'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story', was released on 16th December 2016, and on May 25th 2018 saw the release of a second anthology film, that of 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'. A spin-off of our beloved characters, showing just how powerful and far reaching this Dream World franchise has become. Just two of the expansiveness of this vision.

. . . And So We Return To The IX and Final Film:

We arrive at the IX and final film of the final trilogy of this magnificent Vision.

The VII – The Force Awakens, was released on 18th December, 2015, and for me, this is where I again picked up my enthusiasm for Star Wars. A fresh cast, along side a few 'old' favourites, such as Chewbacca and Hans Solo, played by the brilliant actor Harrison Ford, and many fresh characters, brought for me, the excitement back to the screen.

I followed on, eager to await the release of Episode VIII – The last of the Jedi – appearing on December15th 2017.

December 20th 2019, I eagerly await the released with great anticipated interest. Episode IX – 'The Rise Of Skywalker'. When all speculation will be finally answered.


Many books have been published around Star Wars.

Star Wars Legends hold an impressive list including 'Before the Republic era', “Old Galactic Republic era', and 'Rise of the Empire', are but a few of this extensive reading list.

Reference Books include 'A Guide to the Star Wars Universe, 'The Making of Star Wars' and 'The Art of Star Wars'.

The Conclusion:

Some of these books, I shall cover on a future blog, but for now am making you aware of this delightful 'library' of wealth, to feed our delights of the Star Wars journey.


We have some months to go before Christmas, and if you are considering an exploration of this final trilogy, why not consider starting with the DVDs of Episode VII and VIII, the links of which I have added below for your convenience.

Star Wars - The Force Awakens (DVD) (2015)" target="_blank">http://

Star Wars – The Last Of The Jedi (DVD) (2017)" target="_blank">http://

Just a final note for today:

It takes big dreams and big visions to take what is formed in our hearts and bring it out into the world.

Do you hold your own big dream? Can you honour your own truth, your vision and bring it out into the world for all to sharing in? Be true to yourself.

Call to action

If you have a knowing, an inner calling to be creative, we would love to hear from you.

Come and be a part of this creative community. Do sign up for the newsletter, all that is required is your name and email address.

Until we meet again across the airwaves, may your heart star shine brightly.

Meditation - 2

Posted on 20 April, 2019 at 8:10 Comments comments (1006)

Meditation – 2:

Today is a great day for meditating:

All days are good for meditation, and you will find your way to this meditation when your soul, your Inner Child needs time out to speak to you, so it is not date specific.

I trust you are enjoying your own journey in life and finding those hidden gems within you.

So let us begin:

Sit or lie comfortably

Limbs uncrossed and begin by 'leaving your shoes at the front door', symbolic of leaving your outer world concerns behind. You can pick those up on leaving.


Entering your mind within, start by very slowly taking three deep breaths. See how deep you can breath . . . then slowly exhale, releasing all tension within.

Now Let Us Use Our Imagination:

Now let us use our imagination – or not - if you enjoy being in the tranquility of just being. The choice is yours.

Let your mind wander on your own path or my descriptive journey.

You have pulled up at the roadside in your vehicle, and on opening the door, step out, then lock it. Cover your vehicle in a layer of protective invisibility. It will still be safe on your return.

With your back to your vehicle, you will see a small gate, open it and step through.

The sun is full on your face, feeling warm but not overly hot. As you look around, you will find yourself in green pastures, infused with wild flowers of every kind, every hue.

As you walk down over the green pasture, feel the grasses gently caressing your fingertips. Breath in the fresh clean air. The sky is clear blue.

As you walk further on down to the far side of this meadow, insects and bees are in abundance. The bees are collecting the pollen to make into honey for you to enjoy. Sing gently to them for their endeavours as you walk on by.

A Second Small Gate:

As you come to the far side of these pastures, you will see another small gate. You can either decide to remain in this very enchanted meadow; or you can choose to step through this gate also. We shall return back this way for those of you who decide to stay.

For those of you who have decided to step through, you will find you are standing on the edge of a sandy beach.

Take off your shoes and socks, you can leave them there at the gate, they are quite safe. Begin by wriggling your toes in the fine grains of warm sand, let the sand trickle through your fingers.

When you are ready, walk on down, you can smell the salty sea air, and hear the waves as they gently creep up the sandy beach only to fall back into the sea again.

Go and stand on the edge of where the wet sand begins and watch the ebb and flow of this tidal water washing gently over your feet, then falling away, each time washing away any troubles of your life.

Sitting On A Protruding Rock Nearby:

Sit on a protruding rock nearby and enjoy watching the ebbing and flowing waters with your Inner Child . . . what does your Inner Child say?. . . What does your Inner Child wish to share? . . . listen . . . listen . . . listen.

It is time to go, so turn away from the waters and head back up the beach to the little gate.

Dust of the grains of sand from between your toes and soles of your feet, and put your socks and then your shoes back on.

Open the gate and step through. As we walk back up through the meadow, we are joined by those of you who have chosen to stay in this enchanted meadow.

The bees are still hard at work collecting the pollen.

On reaching the first gate that you stepped through, you are now back out onto the roadside and your vehicle is there for you exactly as you left it . . . drive carefully.

The Conclusion:

In your moments of returning do remember what it is your Inner Child has revealed with you, for you many find gems of hidden wisdom that you have discovered, you can use on your journey of life.


It is always good to take time out of the rat-race of life, for if you don't make time to sit with your Inner Child, you may miss out entirely on your buried treasure, your hidden gems.

Just a final note for today:

It is good to surrender to your inner truth when the world becomes too much, for only then can Light pour in.

Call to action

To be a part of this creative community do sign up for the newsletter, all that is required is your name and email address.

Until we meet again across the airwaves, may your heart star shine brightly.

Roger Dean - The Artist

Posted on 19 April, 2019 at 11:20 Comments comments (280)

Roger Dean – The Artist:

Who Is Roger Dean?:

Roger Dean (born in 1944) is a dual artist, that has been interested in the concepts of architecture and continuation of interior design as a whole living experience. He has been invited to create stage scenery with his brother Martyn for the musical group 'YES', and often worked on designs with his brother.

Known worldwide, Dean would participate in exhibitions and shows.

He has been prolific in both conceptual architecture and interior design. Roger's interests then began to expand into the music industry, as this vibrant era exploded onto the world stage.

The Art of Roger Dean:

Embracing Record Sleeves, Logos And Posters Of The Time.

Following through in the music industry, would enable Roger to taken his art along a whole new pathway. At one stage he held an exhibition in New York virtually entirely filled with his record cover designs.

The Baby Boomer Era:

Dean was of an era where records are in great demand and his art designs were no exception, in those heady days of exiting new musical groups forming with their vibrant performances eager to express themselves in an entirely new way.

A New Expression For Roger:

These record covers provided Dean a clean canvas to outflow his interests in exotic art, dragons, demons and wizards – vibrant and much in tune with the musicians of the time.

Although trained in industrial design, Roger was not a trained illustrator, and the skills he lacked were with typography. To overcome this, on one particular album he was working on for 'YES', he designed and hand drew the title lettering, which the group found much to their liking. He employed a skilled typographer to work along side the printer to cover 'block' wording.

Groups of Musicians Drawn To Rogers Designs:

Yes, Osibisa, Gun, Asia, and the newly rising Virgin records.

As these pieces of design unfolded, one that has stuck as Virgin Records unofficial logo is that of the mirror image of a girl.

Background Approaches:

An ongoing experiment with the backgrounds of his creations, Roger developed many techniques to bring enhancement into his art designs. He had in mind the printing process his work would need to under through photography.

Techniques would involve using the incompatibility of certain mediums,such as wax crayons and inks. One technique is known as marbling and the outcome is unpredictable, but supplies an interesting arena on which to expand out into his more detailed art work.

The Conclusion:

Roger Dean's art pieces are very expansive, and this is only a small taster of his great works.


It would be good to explore further Roger Dean's lifetime passions and discover the delights of what he has brought into this world for yourself.

Just a final note for today:

An interesting journey for me on re remembering Roger Dean's work. A struggle to put this into words, although I had felt drawn to work on this blog. After two attempts I found I couldn't to this work justice, so I put it aside.

I had to laugh for today, even before I could awake fully, this entire scripted version just fell onto the page.

It is good to surrender to our inner truth when the world becomes too much. Then Light can pour in.

Call to action:

To be a part of this creative community do sign up for the newsletter, all that is required is your name and email address. 

Until we meet again across the airwaves, may your heart star shine brightly.

Fantasy - A Young Reader

Posted on 18 April, 2019 at 14:20 Comments comments (2974)

Fantasy – A Young Readers Book review: 

The Deptford Mice:

As I was lost in ruminating thoughts at the end of my day, my energy was directed to one of my bookcases, and upon one of the shelves there stood three books that had not been opened for some years.

These three books, had been bought for my family as a request. We were in luck at that time, the first book was available in our local book shop. With the completion of the book, the second book was excitedly bought in great anticipation, and then the third one. I too have since read these books to see what was so engaging.

The Books in question:

The Deptford Mice, written and illustrated by Robin Jarvis.

Published first in Great Britain by Macdonald & Company (Publishers) Ltd. In 1989, and since reprinted by Simon & Schuster Young Books. In 1990, 1991,1992 and 1993, and this is the time of the acquiring the first book, 'The Dark Portal'.

Taken from a place setting of the sewers of Deptford, the rats worship this dark presence that lurks there, bringing both fear and terror to all. The rats in their worship of the darkness have named it Jupiter . . . the Lord of All.

Book One 'The Dark Portal'

A small and very frightened mouse, far, far away from his family and friends strays into this twilight zone and perishes. In the doing so he has unwittingly triggered a chain of events which will shake the very foundations, of this doom-ladened world so full of terror and sorcery.

A Compelling Read:

A compelling read which holds the young (and adult) reader's attention as the tale unfolds, ensuring Book two is a 'must read'.

Book Two – 'The Crystal Prison'

Having arrived from the horrors of Jupiter's lair, the Deptford mice find themselves thrusted into a series of horrible murders.

It is summertime. The screeching of an owl can be heard echoing from across the cornfield. The corn is slowly ripening where an innocent young mouse lies murdered. The moon has risen and is bathing the field in moonlight.

Audrey is the mouse suspected for carrying out this foul deed by the simple country mice. More mice are murdered, in a series of murders. Here, 'The Deptford Mice' find themselves involved in a much more sinister truth.

. . . And So On To Book Three – 'The Final Reckoning'

Out of revenge, the ghostly spirit of Jupiter, now more terrifying than all that has gone before, begins by smothering the world in an eternal winter, of snow and ice.

Events are on the move as The Deptford Mice, huddled around their fires, become aware that those mystical bats in the attic have fled. There is a food shortage, with no signs of any forthcoming spring. In the basement there are signs of a new assembly of army rats.

The Deptford Mice know that a desperate battle is about to begin . . . of whom precious few will survive.

The Conclusion:

This last desperate battle brings us to the very edge of our seats and to the final conclusion of the trilogy of The Deptford Mice.


It is good at times to step back from the adult world and see through the eyes of the young; enjoying with my own Inner Child a more simpler view of the literature world. We smile, my Inner Child and I, at this entertaining world, of the trilogy of The Deptford Mice.

Just a final note for today:

Was I drawn to share this with you today? Is this the right blog for you?

I had to laugh for today we are in the slip stream of Jupiter turning retrograde, going into the shadowy depths, and it will remain so until 11th August 2019, . . . and it appears the story also has a Jupiter too; a dark shadow, akin to Jupiter the planet heading into the underworld! Much truth will be revelled.

Call to action

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Until we meet again across the airwaves, may your heart star shine brightly.

Science Fiction - Dune

Posted on 17 April, 2019 at 11:35 Comments comments (1522)

Science Fiction - Dune review:

'Dune' The Books:

The world of Dune was brought into life by the author Frank Herbert, following five years of research into dune preservation. His first works were serialised in Analog magazine. These were printed as 'Dune World' (1963) and 'The Prophet of Dune' (1965). 'Dune Messiah' followed in 1969 and later publishings were 'Children of Dune' (1976) and 'God Emperor of Dune' (1981)

I first came across the American writer Frank Herbert's Dune world in 1973. Set in an alternative futurist time, some tens of thousands of years in the future, the main characters in his science fiction novels are: Paul Atreides, Lady Jessica, Duke Leto Atreides, Vladimir Harkonnen, Duncan Idaho, Chani, Princess Irulan, Glossu Rabban, Liet-Kynes, Gaius Helen Moniam and Hasmir Fenring.

A compelling tale of the desolate planet Arrakis

Home of 'spice' the greatest treasure in the universe, and the never ending vying families battling to control it underpin the story, and brought under the supreme reign of the Emperor.

Set in an alternative space, encompassing the ancient orders of priestess and also of the order of priests, who separately honour each other's space.

Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson

Frank Herbert died in 1986. His son Brian Herbert took up the World of Dune, collaborating with the science fiction author Kevin J Anderson, and in 1999 began writing and publishing a number of prequel novels, along side the two original books, completing of 'Hunters of Dune in 2006 and Sandworms of Dune in 2007. These were compiled using the Frank's notes discovered a decade after his death.

A Whole New Level

Brian along with Kevin J Anderson has taken Dune to a whole new level.

The Film

Dune was adapted as a film in 1984, and at a later date, 2000, into the form of a television mini-series. Five sequels were written, giving rise to the first tow also being presented as a mini-series in 2003.

Other Spin-Offs

The Dune universe has inspired both traditional games and video games.


As we enjoy the World of Dune, in whichever form that serves us best. Some of you enjoy the books and the written word, that can paint within our minds our own 'take' on the World of Dune, while others prefer the colourful pictorial to paint the pictures also within our minds; here, many artists in all their guises have enhanced the screening of the World of Dune allowing us to savour a wider enhancement and explosion of many creative minds.

For myself, I enjoyed the reading of the book, the written word. However, when I happen upon the filmed version, I found it had opened up a whole new range of possibilities that I had not considered during the exploration of the World of Dune - the written word.

Whichever aspect you find most appealing to you is fantastic, for although we all walk upon this planet called Earth, we are all unique in how we experience what the senses has brought to us. So set aside time, listen to what your heart is telling you and follow the delights and the struggles of the World of Dune.

Call to action

If you have a knowing, an inner calling to be creative, we would love to hear from you.

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Until we meet again across the airwaves, may your heart star shine brightly.

Science Fiction - Ender's Game review

Posted on 17 April, 2019 at 0:00 Comments comments (335)

Science Fiction - Ender's Game review:

'Ender's Game'

Fifty years prior (according to Ender's Game), Earth was under attack by an 'alien' race when Mazer Rackham saved the day.

In order to prevent a further attack, the best young minds of the day are trained to lead the perceived forthcoming attack under the recruitment, headed by Colonel Graff.

Ender Wiggin is one of these new recruits.

Training Progresses

As the train progresses, abilities are tested and honed. Eventually, Ender Wiggin's abilities begin to outstrip even those of the hero Mazer Rackham.

Ender Wiggin becomes the only hope to safeguard Earth against total annihilation.

The Book

The book, written by Orson Scott Card, a contemporary classic, published in 2011 holds a gripping tale. The story pacing is good and compelling throughout. This was my first introduction to this superb, well executed journey through the world of science fiction.

The Film

Since I first read Orson Scott Card's book, Ender's Game, the film has arrived and is also well delivered, bringing an action packed adventure to the screen.

Ender Wiggin, played by Asa Butterfield, under the command of Colonel Graff, played superbly by Harrison Ford, and the hero for all new recruits to live up to is Mazer Rackham, played by Ben Kingsley.

The overbearing military precision of the 'International Fleet', highlights the differences of Colonel Graff's military mind, and Ender's youthful mind, willing to think 'outside the box'.


Which leaves us with the thought from an empathic's point of view. Consider perceiving our 'opponent' from the heart. Act first and ask questions after is of the old school mind set. What does your heart tell you? Stop and listen.

Call to action

If you have a knowing, an inner calling to be creative, we would love to hear from you.Come and be a part of this creative community. Do sign up for the newsletter, all that is required is your name and email address.

Until we meet again across the airwaves, may your heart star shine brightly.

Science-Fiction and Writers' Groups

Posted on 15 April, 2019 at 11:25 Comments comments (355)

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers' Groups

The 'Inklings'

The well known writers group the 'Inklings' of Oxford, was an informal literary writers group, which brought about literary discussions. It was first formed around 1931 through Oxford University associates.

The group did not take their meetings seriously at all! The 'Inklings' were neither a club nor a literary society in the normal sense of things.

It was however, a group of men only, who regularly met to read and discuss each other's unfinished writings.

Edward Tangye Lean

The group was begun by Edward Tangye Lean, an undergraduate with the purpose for reading out aloud compositions of various lengths and kinds. Those who attended were students and dons, including two well known authors – JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. Edward Tangye Lean then left Oxford in the year of 1933; and so Tolkien and Lewis took the opportunity to transfer it's name to their own group at Magdalen College, and thereby creating two 'Inklings' societies running side by side in Oxford.

Up until 1949, the 'Inklings' would meet for readings and discussions, often Thursday evenings in CS Lewis's college rooms at Magdalen College. An informal meeting would also take place on Tuesday at midday in a local public house 'The Eagle and Child', then later on at 'The Lamb and Flag', just across the street from the 'Eagle and Child'.

Well known Authors

Some of the well known literature that came out of the 'Inklings' are 'The Hobbit', and 'The Lord of the Rings' by JRR Tolkien, and 'The Narnia Chronicles' by CS Lewis.

Writer Groups Today

Today there are writers groups that meet up regularly, as writing can often be lonely practice.

For myself, I have engaged in a number of these writers groups over the many years I have been interested in writing fantasy. My first one lasted only one meeting, the members lacked enthusiasm to say the least. It was designed for a stream of speakers, with little opportunity to engage with the members' own literary creations.

The second writers' group proved much more welcoming, an informal group who met every Monday evening in a local pub. Although welcoming, the evening was spent in silence as each member was catching up on their own writings as a self discipline, which although is useful for some as a kind of a set time, it was not what I was after.

Eventually I did try another group, and found it was a writing group only and not a sharing.

Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Group.

Today, I have found the perfect group for my own tastes, one that is friendly and all embracing; one that is enthusiastic for all aspects of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

They are creative as a group in joint ventures and, participate, both in teaching, organising events, and also in the broader world of both Science Fiction and Fantasy, bringing growth to the mind. A one, I would highly recommend to check out!

On Building An Alternative Fantasy/Sci-Fi World

Posted on 13 April, 2019 at 10:05 Comments comments (2117)

On Building An Alternative Science-fiction/Fantasy World.

What Question Need Asking?

Before we step out onto the highways and byways of mapping creation, it would be advantageous to consider some basic direction.

Simple questions such as - are you drawn to fantasy, or are you more at home with science-fiction? Do your imaginative worlds overlap? Also consider past, present and future. Time-travel or space-travel embracing mapping far, far away from this reality.

Today, before we get into our collective mapping, consider:

Keeping things simple, the basics as details come much later. This process is akin to making the first mark on a clean canvas, just a dot to take you over the starting line.

As we consider many questions, each unique to you, it will open doorways in your creative minds to begin unleashing many possibilities.

It is important to begin by having a vision.

Before we can even consider mapping, do you have a vision in your mind to include the structures of how life is lived by your characters day to day living? Do bear in mind that at this stage we do not need to complicate this process by defining characters.

However, what is important to consider is:

In your world - is it run as a patriarch or a matriarch one? - a kingdom or a queendom, or one of balance. Is there a higher power in control, a legal system, maybe one of magic or one of a dark overlord? Where does the power and wealth lie? Or does this not form part of your world? Is there slavery?

One final Question To Inspire You.

Are there any myths and legions, or prophesies?

All of these questions are to inspire you into creating your own writing, and are but a few of the areas you should do well to consider. Take notes – be creative, or indeed be inspired as others within this community share and grow.

Call to action

To be a part of this creative community do sign up for the newsletter, all that is required is your name and email address.

Until we meet again across the airwaves, may your heart star shine brightly.


Posted on 12 April, 2019 at 14:10 Comments comments (2389)


Why Meditation?

I have found over the decades, when I was first shown this meditation from beyond this world, that the quality of my creating would rise dramatically. Today I meditate swiftly and often throughout a busy day, ensuring at all times I remain connected and inspired from and through my heart centre.

A meditation is often the time it takes to carry out three consecutive slow and deep breaths, bite size meditations constantly throughout the day.

Today, let us begin with meditation.

It is important to engage in the right manner, for there are countless alternative realities, and it is all far to easy to slip into the in-between worlds and get lost indefinitely. It is also far too easy to glance off these in-between realities, and frustration sets in as one attempts at being in an alternative reality and this is not received. Then there are alternative realities that it is best to avoid altogether.

There are infinite possibilities even within our own universe, that is multiplied trillions of times over, and also multiple of trillions within the multiples of universes beyond our own.

Consider this, and be somewhat more intentional than just a haphazard attempting to 'meditate'.

It is important to begin meditating in the right form so let us begin:

Take three very slow, deep breaths to concentrate on your inner expansion. On breathing in go finite and not infinite for this in itself will pinpoint where you head out, my friends.

It is important to first check in with ensuring you have a strong connection within your heart centre. We are not speaking of chakras, but where your core, your heart of your soul should reside within you. Often to be found at the base of the breastbone, however you will instinctively 'know' where your heart centre lies.

Open the door of your heart centre.

Sitting comfortably, take slow deep breaths and take your mind down to the door of your heart centre. Can your door into your heart centre open or not? Can you open the door into your heart centre? Knock on your door and let it be opened.

Many doors are locked and have been so for countless lifetimes of suffering. You are your own door keeper. Ask for your key and it will appear. Your door may be overgrown and stiff to open.

On entering, if you have given your power away, you may find white light dazzling and overwhelming, or if you find your inner room dark and dingy, either way go and open the shutters, open the door to allow colour to flood in and reclaim your true self.

Without working through your own heart centre, you are open to misdirection when in meditation. This is the most powerful place to be, so become familiar with your heart centre and visit it often, for this is just the beginning of your true power of you.

It is good to mediate daily.

It is not necessary to spend much time, but within three deep breaths all can be accomplished, giving you a powerful connection.

Try connecting many times each day and allow the power of you to start releasing. 

I will leave this with you for today, however, just because you have gained access to your own heart centre, and are bringing back your power, there is still much more work to be done. So take your first, often shaky steps into standing in your own power.

Call to action

To be a part of this creative community do sign up for the newsletter, all that is required is your name and email address.

Until we meet again across the airwaves, may your heart star shine brightly.


Posted on 11 April, 2019 at 7:20 Comments comments (2637)


Hello and welcome to my first blog . . .

One at the head of a series of bloggings. 

Now let me outline for my proposal, my dream, my vision – for this will become the gateway for all future blogs.

Let me explain:

For sixty years I have been wrapped up in creating a single fantasy world. One of high fantasy akin to JRR Tolkien's great works to include The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings, and as a member of ' The inklings', a book club of that time, where there was also another well known fantasy writer, CS Lewis who wrote the Narnia series.

Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under his pen name of Lewis Carroll; and of course our more recent authors, JR Rowling with her Harry Potter series and Fantastical Beasts and where to Find Them. Then finally for today I will include Phillip Pullman's works including The Golden Compass.

My own journey -

Starting at a very young age and began by creating the world, for out of which would eventually come The Hilldot and The Dream Time Games, series (not in print). A mammoth undertaking to build Hidden Lands, Hidden Worlds, histories, star travel and time travel locations, then otherly Universes. Races of beings including embracing elementals and dragons, and all manner of beasts lurking in the darker corners of the world.

I was assisted at school for some years, even though my world had been building for some years prior; and at our first English lesson of that school year required an A3 map to be drawn up of some fictitious village to enable stories to be written, panning out from that map.

At the end I was so surprised at the response, for I did not expect anyone to connect with my world; and so enthusiastically!

Down throughout the decades -

My references along with my mapping kept growing. Then when a book cover was required, and having been taught the old-fashioned way of illustrating at Art College, this also began to enhance my world also.

Later on, another inspirational chapter in my life came to me quite unexpectedly, and that was of model making and scenery making.

Reflecting back to my Art College days, I had a brief dip into costume design, which has proved helpful to me.

Then there comes the poetry, often found in the form of song and the beautiful elusive music that I can hear from afar. 

Lastly -

Although I doubt that this will be finally, no matter what the form of creativity, to bring anyone's creativity endeavours out into the world for the serious and committed creator is the money required.

Finance without compromising both time and location, tying us down with a traditional job therefore unable to devote ourselves to our passions, is unacceptable and one that I will also share with you through my newsletters on how I addressed this issue, as this has effected me in my own seeking in bringing my dreams to fulfilment.

So what I am preparing for you, is to build online and taking my many decades of years of experiences, is to build that spark of life for your own passions and dreams. This is by starting to create a brand new world that has no bounds between both fantasy and science fiction – let us not be defining. This has been asked of me going back twenty years or more, and is being asked again today.

Historically – Futuristic – Now – Other Worlds – Time Travel.

Many people are put off creating their own ventures and have said so to me, it is because of lack of a vision, of characters, era, both historically and futuristic, placements as in villages, cities and so much more. Unable to move to take that first step or paint that first brush stroke upon a white canvas or write the first words on that blank piece of paper (metaphorically speaking), leaves us frozen in fear.

So in their procrastination they do not step over the starting line. IS THIS YOU? 

By signing up for the free newletters, more will become available to you. With additional material for this new world, through an online community, let us build an entirely new world together for all to partake in.

This is intended to be a fluid organic exploration – a community of ideals, and should you so be desired to share your own spark of inspiration, lit by this core world building, I would be pleased to receive it on behalf of the community for the benefit of all.

However, do please keep in mind some followers may be of a tender age – so . . .


Be considerate at all times. Each piece submitted will go through a viewing process before being uploaded within this group.

A good battle is however acceptable, offering character building from good against evil, right from wrong.

Do Note However:

My own fanstasy/sci-fi world, The Hidden Lands, Hidden Worlds, The Hilldots, The Dream Time Games, and all it contains both characters, worlds and storyline is strictly forbidden and not included in any shape or form as a platform for this venture. Be aware steps will be taken if anyone compromises this.

I will close this blog for today

With one more statement, and that is in order for me to bring my own creativity into being, I practice at all times, mindfulness, meditation, and total surrendering and service. All my creativity stems from my heart centre, for I have found this will bring the purest passion with creativity without exception.

A call to action -

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Until we meet again from cross the airwaves, may your heart star shine brightly.