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Diane Derrick

About Diane Derrick

With a passion spanning over fifty years, Diane Derrick is one of the leading experts of the fantasy trails. Her deeply inspirational quest journey has brought rich re-creations woven throughout both her illustrations and novels featuring both strange travels incorporating creatures, animals and landscapes.

The journey of her quest trail

Born in South Gloucestershire, Diane Derrick was fascinated about the outdoor world. Encouraged to go on walks with her family, she soon began recognising the wildlife around her. Both trees and wildflowers of the countryside quickly attracted her interest, along with the smaller woodland, songbirds full of their diverse colours.

At home the window ledges were filled with unusual cacti and indoor plants.

All though through her earlier school years, becoming a commercial artist was recommended, yet on attending a later school, in 1967, her English teacher recommended becoming a novelist following a mapping and writing school project. It was commented that it would take fifty years to fully understand what she was writing . . . a fantasy quest trail . . . and yes it has taken fifty years to the day!

An Idea is Born

Encouraged by her parents, Diane applied for a commercial design course at the Gloucester College of Art and Design, Gloucester. On presenting a portfolio of her drawings, she was accepted on the course.

Upon leaving college, Diane began building her references. Over the years, both her illustrations and fantasy/Sci-fi writings have intermingled, growing into what they have become today.

Extensive research, extensive detailed notes, alternative histories, many races from many alternative realities have been building into her exclusive reference library both written and drawn, enabling Diane to cross-reference across these nine books. Each book is a unique part of the whole but interlinking also, building mini scenarios throughout, a kaleidoscope of settings, histories, map plottings to ensure clear journing for those who wish to travel this route also, either through her books or films. 

Diane's journey continues

On her tremendous journey, Diane has also found that she has companions of a different nature - that is nature spirits, also known as Airets, hilldots, deters and elstars. She has also has a unique connection into SoulSource.

Using her gifts, Diane is setting out on a sharing journey and is about to share with followers on her Facebook site.