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Diane Derrick

Beyond our Earth

There is so much more in our own Solar neighbourhood to explore.

....and so into outer space

Who Am I?

With a passion spanning over sixty years, I am one of the leading experts seeking my truth. My deeply inspirational quest journey has brought rich truths enhanced throughout both my illustrations and documenting my strange travels incorporating creatures, animals and landscapes.

However, going back even before those sixty years, much of my creation is grounded in my interaction with many ET races as far back as age three, when I was not happy with being on Earth at that time and requested an Organic Crysocolite "MotherShip" to come and pick me up from Planet Earth.

With these momentose times we are in today, I have been prompted by my Off-Planet family to speak out and to share with humanity how to prepare to get the best out of these disclosures leading up to OFF-Planet Beings face-2-face meetups with those of a loving benevolent nature, and to prepare for the Event yet to come. In my interactions with many types of beings, not all are humanoid, and with my experiences onboard "UFO/UAPs spaceships, and so much more spans many lifetimes.   

The journey of my quest trail

Born in South Gloucestershire, I was fascinated about the outdoor world. Encouraged to go on walks with my family, I soon began recognising the wildlife around me. Both trees and wildflowers of the countryside quickly attracted my interest, along with the smaller woodland, songbirds full of their diverse colours.

At home the window ledges throughout the house was filled with unusual indoor plants.

Although through my earlier school years, I deliberately decided on the first day of attendance that the education system was not for me, so I did not engage, I did engage in art. Becoming a commercial artist was recommended.

Yet on attending a later school in 1967, my English teacher recommended me seeking to understand my own truth. Following a mapping and writing school project, an inner door had opened. It was commented that it would take me at least fifty years to fully understand what I was writing . . . a truth seeking quest trail . . . and yes it has taken fifty years and more yet still much more to understand! An alternative history yet to be published.

Growing up was based around family village values. So should have been idilic, however, in truth I had such a powerful connection beyond this physically known world that I felt isolated when involved with human interactions.


I grew up near to StoneHenge and I would often picnic and play on the monolithic stones.

On one occasion when I approached my own mother, she quietly whispered to me, "Yes, it's in the family but we must never speak of these gift just that we are different." Although she confided much later in my life that at night I would talk out loud nonstop in my sleep in a non Earth language, to an unseen being.  Away at art college this nighttime talking would scared another girl student!

Encouraged by my parents, I applied for a commercial art course at the Gloucester College of Art and Design, Gloucester. On presenting a portfolio of my drawings, I was accepted on the course.

An Idea Is Born

Upon leaving college, I began building my references. However I hit upon a family problem that sent me well and truly off course. Unbeknown to my mother who was furious decades later, my father summonsed me back to the family home, and I was forced to stay there until I had married and that I was to put art college behind me once and for all. My father had a very strict victorian upbring and attitude on the woman's place in society should be at home raising the family. 

My intention had been to move to St Ives to join the established art scene and to further develop my art while finding seasonal employ to support myself.

There was swiftly an offer of marriage to a much older man, to 'keep me under control' as my father approved, however the husband only wanted a cheap way to fund a domestic - Slavery! A disaster from day one. It took 23 years to escape the contract and brought down upon me, my the severance of the greater family!

Severe ill health had resulted in not following my heart, then played out not only during marriage but afterwards for a further 23 years of life and resulted in many near death struggles.

Communication Does Not Stop!

However, upon leaving college, I began quietly building references. Over the years, both my illustrations and even though I did not want to write, my channelled writings have continued to flood in intermingling and growing into what they have become today.

Extensive research, extensive detailed notes, an alternative history, many races from many alternative realities have been added into my exclusive reference library both written, mapping and drawn, enabling me to cross-reference across my files. 

Each interaction  is a unique part of the whole but interlinking also, building mini bites of truth throughout, within a kaleidoscope of environments, histories, map plottings to ensure clear journing to ultimately share with those who wish to travel this route also, either through my books or courses, and now my Organic Consciousness OPBs Mission teachings.

The road to our future lies only through our heart, we need to expand our heart before we venture out into our dreaming reality, our day to day life with whomever we meet and interact with. I have personal experience in this.