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Diane Derrick

Beyond our Earth

There is so much more in our own Solar neighbourhood to explore.

....and so into outer space

Organic Consciousness Group  with ET/OPBs and UFO/UAPs

Here in Diane's organisation of Off Planet Beings (OPB) meetups on Earth, we focus on Organic Heart Expansion, in alignment with the Off Planet beings who are also of a Fully Conscious Organic Heart Expansion Nature. Ms Derrick is bringing to you the opportunity to open up to this greater purity of belonging within these very highly evolved Off Planet Beings.

This is not about looking purely to gravitate towards advanced technologies useful as they may well be, but we have a wisdom here on Earth that they, Off Planet Beings are seeking us for, and they have told Ms Derrick that what we have will prove to be a powerful trading tool that we have already spoken of. So it is not all one way but a genuine interflow between us. 

Their Request from us.

It was quite a surprise to Diane with their request of trading held within the pages of all her fantasy and factual books, yet this wisdom can only be accessed by being here on Earth.

However, it will require commitment in implementing ready to come into fruition 7,000 years from hence. Why this time scale?

Why 7,000 Years Hence?

Consider this, according to the ancients, including the Mayans long count calendar, we travel in cycles of 26,000 years, which are divided into two sub-counts of 13,000 years each. Like the Yin and Yang symbol that represents the passage of time there is a dark portion which we are about to leave and then there is a light portion, which we are about to emerge into and this is known as the Aquarius Age. This passage of time has already evolved four times resulting into non ascension that would normally occur in the light portion. Time has been tampered with to prevent this ascension from happening in the past, however, we are on track to succeed this fifth time so stay strong my fellow travellers.

As this cycle of light progresses along with our Solar system winging its way across the Galactic Center, we on Earth of our Solar system, on getting to the midway across this 13,000 year journey will be part of such an amazingly powerful event that I for one do not want to miss. With this forthcoming event in mind, huge numbers of cosmic beings are already wanting to be part of this event also and have been preparing to follow us of the Earth human race!

Our place on Earth is sacred so along with me honour it.

Organic Consciousness Off Planet Beings Conventions

Organic Consciousness Off Planet Beings (OPB) Conventions

Held for 2022 at: Date and Place to be arranged.

For the courses to prepare yourself ready for the meeting of high vibrational OPBs  use "meeting OPBs Course" as your message heading.  Contact her using the inquiry form.

'The Etmirian': a Book for Middle Age - Adults

Diane Derrick brings long and winding tales about the adventure of Crie-Tessa Etmir in a first book title of The Etmirian  taken from a mysterious ancient text legend, of a prophecy long since forgotten. The first book in this instalment of The Dream Time Games is The Etmirian. This story weaves annals of historical akin to The Lord Of The Rings and in later editions, futuristic  fantasy akin to Star Wars as she travels out into the stars on a Grail Quest of biblical proportions.

However, there is now an additional book 'The Companion' in the works and holds extensive records of an alternative history, codes and details of the races that will appear throughout.

There has been approaches with the offer of film contracts over the years, so they will most certainly go into film. The author is preparing to launch the books independently possibly starting in October 2022, and followers will be kept up to date with these launches on how and where to purchase your own copy.

The Weight and Charm of Experience

Diane comes from an older, much more venerable generation, where the word "friend" is used as a noun, and not as a transitive verb that is so popular now in the age of social networks. She started writing 60 years ago, and has always preferred the solitude of the countryside, as it aligns with her story.

I Would Just Like To Add To You All

It is a great honour and delight for me to be able to bring to you this mythical fantasy world and to have found such wonderful people to share it with.

With much Love


Get in Touch With Us

Diane’s first fantasy book will be available to readers all over the world possible launching in October 2022, to purchase her books please use the form below. What you seek is within the pages of this fantasy series. Contact her using the inquiry form. Fill it out with your full name, phone number, email address, and head your message with "BOOKS". She’ll get back to you as soon as her book becomes available.