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Diane Derrick

Beyond our Earth

There is so much more in our own Solar neighbourhood to explore.

....and so into outer space

Organic Consciousness Group Mission

Here in my organisation of Off Planet Beings (OPB) mission and awakened Earth souls, I focus on Organic Heart deep Subconscious repairing and expansion in alignment with the Off Planet beings who are also of a Fully Conscious Organic Heart deep Subconscious Expansion Nature. I am bringing to you the opportunity to open up to your greater purity of belonging within these very highly evolved Off Planet Beings.

This is not about looking purely to gravitate towards advanced technologies useful as they may well be, but I have a wisdom here on Earth that they, Off Planet Beings are seeking me and you, my group and they have told me that what me and my group have will prove to be a powerful trading tool that I have already spoken of. So it is not all one way but a genuine interflow between us. However, we have an important mission on Earth ahead of us. 

Their Request from me.

It was quite a surprise to me with their request of trading held within the pages of my books and courses, yet this wisdom could only be accessed by being here in a human body on Earth.

However, it will require commitment in implementing ready to come into fruition 7,000 years from hence. Why this time scale?

Why 7,000 Years Hence?

Consider this, according to the ancients, including the Mayans long count calendar, here on Earth we travel in cycles of 26,000 years, which are divided into two sub-counts of 13,000 years each. Like the Yin and Yang symbol that represents the passage of time there is a dark portion which we are about to leave and then there is a light portion, which we are about to emerge into and this is known as the Aquarius Age. This passage of time has already evolved at least four times resulting into non ascension that would normally occur in the light portion. Time has been tampered with to prevent this ascension from happening in the past, however, we are on track to succeed this fifth time so stay strong my fellow travellers.

As this cycle of light progresses along with our Solar system winging its way across the Galactic Center, we on Earth of our Solar system, when on reaching the midway point across this 13,000 year journey will be part of such an amazingly powerful event that I for one do not want to miss. With this forthcoming event in mind, huge numbers of cosmic beings are already wanting to be part of this event also and have been preparing to follow us of the Earth human race!

Our place on Earth is sacred so along with me honour it.

Organic Consciousness Off Planet Beings Mission And Conventions

Organic Consciousness Off Planet Beings (OPB) Mission and Conventions

Held for 2022 at: Date and Place to be arranged.

For the courses to prepare yourself ready for the mission and meeting of high vibrational OPBs  use "OPBs Course" as your message heading.  Contact my team using the inquiry form.

'The Etmirian': a Book Series Having Been Put on The Back-burner, I had to Choose!

Having entered into the world of fantasy, it provided me with a place to deal with many strange happenings, inner knowing and many visitations from Off-Planet beings and my own mothership involvements.

Horrendous health issues that have followed me throughout this entire life many life threatening where I was taken off planet to be treated resulting in finally all my medical records here being deliberately removed at a high status level on Earth. The same has happened with the first half of my schooling days - no records!

Over the years, there have been many who have said to me, never mind about these fantasy books, what I would prefer is to hear your personal story.

It is a tale of biblical proportions as I and a small group of 'watchers' from outside of this matrix entered into the affray here. Once in this universe some many billions of years ago, I travelled out into the stars on a Grail Quest of biblical proportions.

As a Watcher, my personal memories are colosel and sit well before this universe was even thought of.  We have a mission for the betterment of all concerned and I have recently been given permission to share my journey with you. 

However, I do not have more recent total recall and to avail of this, although I was forbidden before, it is now time to seek out one who can work at this level in hypnotics for I have walked in very dark paths to unlock my deepest subconscious, for as you have too, I also have taken the journey of forgetfulness to walk with you. But as a pensioner and a contrived debt slave, this access will arrive according to divine timing or donations.

One last point, I was instructed not to engage in the mind controllers program of school, so at the age of five on stepping over the school threshold for the first time, I just thought . . . well here we go! and apart from art I deliberately did not apply myself and could not even read or write come the age of ten.

However, I came to the notice of Governmental men in black suits when it was found that not only did I have the highest I.Q. level in the school. I was tested again and again with always 100% accuracy. Up until then I had gone unnoticed as I was just considered stupid and therefore a 'simpleton' which suited me fine.  Head injuries and partial deafness has all been a great help to me. Having migraines since age six and my left brain inaccessible to me has kept me out of ego and operating throughout life from my heart brain and deep subconscious wherein sits my I.Q. though universal osmosis.

So I have no Earthly scientific background, no academed, no business reputation or otherwise, as I was also instructed not to engage with becoming an employee as part of the financial slave system.  

Today I am retired, with no home to call my own, which suits me fine for what is to come.

Concerning the matter of being able to read and write, I was originally taught this before school age, but the authorities did not accept this and so put me back to the beginning of this. I was not amused and so being very stubborn I refused through abstinence of being in the present and quietly entered into non participation, eventually caught up by being taught on a one to one basis to the embarrassment of the educational authorities. It was at this time that I just had to let my method of communication through telepathy go as I found others on Earth had not grasped even the rudiments of this, and my Off Planet team had told me since pre-school that I aught to learn this Earth communication mode of language.

I come from an older, much more venerable generation, where the word "friend" is used as a noun, and not as a transitive verb that is so popular now in the age of social networks. I started documenting over 60 years ago at the suggestion of a later English teacher who added that it would take me at least fifty years to understand this.

I have always preferred the solitude of the countryside, as it aligns with my truth.

I Would Just Like To Add To You All

It is a great honour and delight for me to be able to bring to you this world and all that it has to offer, and to have found such wonderful people to share it with.

With much Love


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